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Little Spoon All The Way | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2019-01-19 5,856 44 385,359 YouTube

Sophia: "You think I might tell everybody in the courtroom that you like to be the little spoon?" Jake: "Everyone likes to be the little spoon. It makes you feel safe!" Season 2, Episode 6 'Jake discovers the woman he hit it off with at the bar is the lawyer representing a perp he's trying to put in jail; Gina and Charles try to leave their relationship in the past..' .. Watch full episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Google Play: Watch full episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Itunes: Keep up to date with the Nine-Nine and Subscribe: Welcome to the OFFICIAL Brooklyn Nine-Nine YouTube channel. Here you'll find the best moments from Jake, Amy, Boyle, Terry, Holt, Gina and Rosa. Nine-Nine!! #NBC #BrooklynNineNine #AndySamberg