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That's Why Stradivarius Violins Are So Expensive

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How much do Stradivarius violins cost? They are said to be among the best violins in the world. Even if you’re not a musician, chances are you’ve heard the name Stradivarius. Many violinists dream of getting a chance to play an instrument made by the greatest violin maker of all time. But why are they so expensive? Researchers have tried to learn the secret that makes Strads the best violins in the world, and the theories are many. Some say that Stradivarius violins are so superior because of the wood used, the size of the “f-holes” in the design, or the varnish. Some theories claim that the secret is in the uniform density of the 2 wooden panels that form the body of the violin. Others say that the secret is a chemical treatment that’s designed to kill woodworm and fungi. TIMESTAMPS: Who Antonio Stradivari was 0:56 How many instruments he made 2:14 What’s so special about Stradivarius violins? 3:10 How much the most expensive Stradivarius was sold for 6:00 The “Messiah” violin 7:46 #stradivarius #violinsecret Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Stradivarius violins were created by Antonio Stradivari. He was born in 1644 and opened up his violin shop in his hometown of Cremona, Italy. - In the 1700s, Stradivari decided to improve his style yet again and had what is referred to as his “golden period,” a time when he created the best work of his life. - Stradivari also produced other stringed instruments: cellos, harps, guitars, and violas. But it was his method of making violins that others would try to replicate for centuries. - Stradivarius violins produce powerful and penetrating tones. They are said to have “brightness,” “expressiveness,” and “brilliance” (terms that describe sound quality). - Scientists have tried to figure out if all the hype and myth around Strads is valid. The violins have been run through CT scans and X-rays and been the subjects of multiple studies. - The most expensive Stradivarius was sold for more than $15 million. But not all Stradivarius violins are so expensive — some are valued at around $2 million. - With the instruments being so highly prized, there are a lot of instances of people who claimed to be selling genuine Stradivarius instruments that turned out to be fakes. - The “Messiah” violin, which Stradivari built during his “golden period” in 1716, is believed to be the most immaculate Strad left. It has never been played and has an estimated value of $20 million. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: