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MSC Seaside Food - Is it like this Preziosa Buffet: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time, Dinner?

2018-01-08 303 64 119,314 YouTube

MSC Cruises Dining. Buffet Tour. MSC is a growing budget cruise line. The ships are relatively new, glitzy, with the single most attractive point: low fares. Although not always the cheapest, MSC cruises offers very low fares in the Caribbean. You want to save on your cruise vacation, do you? The cruise line also wants to save. The way they make profit is building huge ships, fitting as many passenges as possible in the smaller cabins, and supplying basic food. So we definitely don't cruise on MSC to eat. The food is mainly mish-mash of carbs, easy made, with no distinctive flavor. And.... crowds. If you accept this game - go for it. Just set your expectations accordingly. Remember that cruising is a pleasure.