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BTS TIMELINE 'HER' : What happened in order | HYYH - Love Yourself STORYLINE

2018-04-08 31,854 256 619,737 YouTube

MOST RECENT TIMELINE 3: ** I noticed people are confused about this TIMELINE. It's a TIMELINE from the "Most Beautiful Moment in Life" (HYYH) days till LOVE YOURSELF era. For those who didn't know, EVERYTHING is connected. This is a STORY LINE not REAL LIFE events. ALL the information I added to this video is just from their NOTES that was included in their LOVE YOURSELF album (pink notebook) which includes dates with it like a diary. I also added in the Love Yourself Reel information since they added dates to that as well. Basically I just put everything together with the dates. If the clip didn't have a date then they couldn't be added since I wouldn't know when it took place. FAQ: "YEAR is their age not the date?" The reason how I know YEAR wasn't their age was because the notes proved it. An example, Jungkook's Note for June 25, YEAR 20 he said Suga stopped going to school 10 days ago. Suga's Note for June 25, YEAR 20 said he stopped attending school 10 days ago. If it was based on age, it wouldn't match because Jungkook is 4 years younger than Suga. Disclaimer: I could be incorrect but this is what I have so far. I finalized this video on 04/08/18 so anything released after today won't be included. If there is, I could make an updated version in the future. This took me 20+ hours of research & editing. As you can see, there's still A LOT of gaps. We're still waiting for BTS to release more clips. The most recent video is Euphoria, but unfortunately, that didn't give me anymore answers or help with sorting the timeline. It just left me with more questions. ✨Here are things I'm still trying to find out: - Jin went to the sea the same day Jungkook got into a car accident. Who hit Jungkook? - What did Jin say to Taehyung that caused the fight? - What does the yellow hair tie mean to RM? - Did Jhope take pills for depression? - Was Jhope ever admitted into the hospital with Jimin? - When did Jhope faint by the road? - Was Jin trying to be a good person by fulfilling the girls wishes from her diary? She was the reason why he needed Smeraldo flowers? I do have a theory video and I'm still sticking to it. Euphoria convinced me more about a parallel universe. It was hard for me to fit Euphoria into the timeline because it was as if things repeated but they all looked different. I will be making a new theory video but here's my older one: ------------------------------------------------------- ✨I decided to become a FULL-TIME content creator! Support me on Patreon! ♥ JOIN the FlareSquad by SUBSCRIBING! Click that notification button to stay updated! ✨Stay Connected: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ✨DO YOU WANT TO ADD SUBTITLES/CAPTIONS TO THIS VIDEO? ✨PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD I do not own any of these videos but I did edit them together *credit to the rightful owner* *No copyright infringement intended* ✨MUSIC: RYUSERALOVER, Smyang Piano & DooPiano