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The Most Expensive Sandwich I Have Ever Made...

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#sandwichseries Sign up for early access to my Sourdough Bread Baking course and receive 3 additional bonus live video sessions -click this link- I had to give it a try... Yes this is probably the most expensive sandwich I will ever make in my life, but the funny thing is, I still dream about eating this thing a few weeks later. I guess it was worth it... #katsusandwich #wagyubeef SUBSCRIBE NOW: 1:06 - Katsu Sando Breakdown 2:32 - Japanese Milk Bread Ingredients: (1Loaf) [Tangzhong or a starter ] - Bread flour (⅓ cup) - Milk (½ cup) [Dough] - Bread flour (2 ½ cups) - Milk (½ cup) - Dried yeast (1 packet or 2 teaspoons) - Sugar (¼ cup) - Eggs (1) - Salt (1 teaspoon) - Unsalted Butter (4 tablespoons) Steps: 1. Tangzhong or a starter; add a little bit of flour and milk into the pot. And just stir that around on low heat for 5 minutes until that really thicken up, almost like a roux. And let that cool down on the side. 2. Activate your yeast; Take a medium-size bowl or cup, add in a little bit of warm milk (90-100°F), yeast and sugar, then let that activate for 10 minutes until it’s nice and bubbly. 3. Take a big mixing bowl, add inactivated yeast, beaten eggs, flour, tangzhong, a little salt and mix that up until it starts to come together. 3. Take your dough out from the mixing bowl, and put it on the floured surface and start kneading until it starts to form together. 4. Let the dough sit, let those glutens relax a little bit. 5. After the dough is relaxed, add in some butter. It’s going to be hard to knead with the butter in at first, but eventually, this will come together. Knead for about 5 minutes. 6. After kneading it, let it rise for about an hour to an hour and a half until it doubles its size. 7. Start working on your dough; put your dough on the floured board and chop that into multiple pieces. You need about 3 decent-sized pieces for one loaf. 8. Take a loaf pan and spray that down so it doesn’t stick. Put 3 pieces into the pan, and make sure they have enough space to rise. 9. Let that sit for an hour until it just rises above the edge of the loaf pan. 10. Preheat the oven to 350°F 11. Beat up an egg and a little bit of milk to brush on the dough, so it gets the nice golden crust. 12. BAKE! For 20-30 minutes until bread thermometer reads around 200 to 210°F 13. ENJOY! 6:04 - Homemade Panko Bread Crumbs Ingredients: - Japanese milk bread Step: 1. Put your bread into a food processor, and pulse it. 2. Grab a baking sheet, pour your breadcrumbs on the sheet and bake at 300°F for about 20-30 minutes until they are dried out and crispy. Enjoy! 6:54 - Wagyu Katsu Ingredients: - Wagyu beef - Eggs (2) - Flour Steps: 1. Admire the beef you bought! 2. Slice the beef into a nice and square shape. 3. Batter; grab a bowl, add 2 eggs and flour, beat that up. 4. Grab your beef and dip it into the egg mix and to the panko breadcrumbs. Make sure you coat it nicely. 5. Frying; heat up your oil to 366°F and put you panko coated wagyu beef into the pot and fry it up for about 4-8 minutes (depends on how thick/big cut of your beef). 6. Take it out and season it with some salt. 7. Let it rest! 10:00 - Katsu Sauce (Special Guest) Ingredients - Ketchup (½ cup) - Soy sauce (1 tablespoon) - Worcestershire sauce (2 tablespoons) - Mirin (1 tablespoon) - Honey (1 tablespoon) - Dijon mustard (1 teaspoon) - Grated ginger (to taste) - Grated garlic (to taste) Steps: 1. Take a mixing bowl, add all the ingredients into a bowl and mixing it up! 2. Here you have the sweet and savory sauce! 11:20 - The Final Build Follow me on Instagram to stay updated on episode 3 Japan Premium Beef - Episode One - Follow Brothers Green Eats Instagram: Brothers Green - Josh - Mike - Facebook: Twitter: Josh and Mike Greenfield make up Brothers Green Eats, a dynamic and brotherly duo that can teach anyone to cook creative and delicious food on a budget. All Music Royalty Free