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The Problem With 21 Pilots

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HEY LOOK A PATREON: If you're gonna comment about the purposeful misspelling of the name,,, just stop? You're part of the problem, cutie. c: Twenty One Pilots is awesome. Evolution is bound to happen. It's just a shame they're losing sight of what made them special to begin with, with a bit of help from the toxic fanbase. It's silly that I need to say this, but this video is opinionated. There's nothing I can do to change your opinion or thoughts on Twenty One Pilots or the Clique... unless you agree with me. I will not be rebutting argumentative comments, seeing how this whole topic is subjective with no objective data to pull from to form arguments. That's not really my style. PROBLEM WITH TOP PLAYLIST: Hunt me down. My band's bandcamp: Tag Along Friend's bandcamp: Cavetown's bancamp: VIDEO CREDITS! Johnny Boy Battle of the Bands - Punk In the Park Footage - Black and white footage of my old band - Interlude video - Markthony Harktano Review - Signing to Fueled by Ramen - Studio Preview - Rings of Saturn Mosh Pit - Zeale Footage - Bleachers - MGMT - Trees in Basement - Ruby at New Albany High School - Trees in a living room - Tag Along Friend goodness - Cavetown - Tyler Joseph Christian School Blues - MUSIC CREDITS Ride 8-Bit Cover - Ode To Sleep 8 Bit Cover - Migraine 8 Bit Cover - Anathema 8 Bit Cover - House of Memories (Panic! at the Disco) 8 Bit Cover - ^^^^ Vendiblepear has done some fantastic incredible work covering these songs. Check them out and give them some love and support. Small artists are so freakin' important I can't stress it enough. ---------------- whatever you do, don't go to or