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The Real Reason We Don't Hear About Paris Hilton Anymore

2019-01-23 4,272 605 702,856 YouTube

Paris Hilton was once the toast of the town and one of Hollywood's most famous socialites, so what ever happened to the former star of The Simple Life? It turns out partying can actually be one heck of a business model. Here's the real reason we don't hear about Paris Hilton anymore. #ParisHilton #Hilton #TheSimpleLife The internet is forever | 0:19 Taxicab Confessions | 0:55 Racism isn’t hot | 1:42 And the Razzie goes to... | 2:25 Having fun is hard work | 3:10 Pop flop | 4:11 Famous falling outs | 5:22 Finding her voice | 6:52 Heartbreak Hotel | 7:25 Out of this world | 9:13