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HI ANGELS! HAPPY PARTY SEASON!!! KINDA! lol TODAY I'M BUYING A DRESS FROM A THRIFT STORE AND GIVING IT A DIY MAKEOVER - BROKE BITCH STYLE! I love doing things on a budget and I love being creative, and since my goodwill prom dress makeover and wedding dress makeovers were such a success, I thought I would recreate my own little do-it-yourself version again and show you how to make your own party dress cheap, easy, and fabulously! :P (with lots o fguest appearances by my new puppy George lol) so here is me, DIY-ing a party dress...weird vlog tutorial style. ENJOY THE VERY EXTRA MAKEOVER MY LOVES! Stay sparkly. 2,650,000 KISSES! Xx Amber :) Instagram/Twitter: @AmberScholl SHOP MY CLOTHING LINE: SHOP MY MAKEUP LINE: MAKE YOUR OWN! Benjamin's online shop!