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A Beginner's Guide to Violin Finger Positions

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Learn proper violin finger positions, also known as violin finger placement, with this instructional video from expert teacher, Naomi S. If you're a beginner, this video will help you master some of the basics of violin fingering! Learn a new skill today with FREE online classes in popular music subjects. Get started here: This video is a beginner's guide on proper violin fingering and placement. There are several positions or areas of finger placement on the violin. But as a beginner the first one you will need to learn is called first position. First position includes the first or lowest five notes that you can play on each violin string. Since violins don't have frets or marks that show you where to put your fingers the way guitars do, one of the most challenging aspects of learning the instrument is finger placement on the violin. If you don't have your finger in exactly the right spot, even if it's just a hair off, the note can come out sounding out of tune. The most common way to get around this issue is to place finger tape on the fingerboard that can show you where to place your fingers. Over time and after thousands of repetitions your fingers will develop something we call muscle memory and eventually you will be able to remove the tapes and play in tune without them. Most beginners keep their tapes on anywhere from six months to a couple of years depending on the student. To get started you will need some finger tape. You can find a roll of finger tape online or at your local violin shop, or you can use pinstripe tape for cars found in an automotive shop. You also need a chromatic tuner or a smartphone for tuning up your violin. Lastly, you'll need a pencil. To finish this tutorial, keep learning in the video above. Check out these related videos! -How to Tune a Violin for beginners: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: